More Election Results from Yesterday

By Blake Schnitker on April 5 at 10:32am

Here are more winners from yesterday’s Consolidated Election:

Morgan County Road Commissioners: Road District 4 – Brandon Staake; Road District 13 – Terry Treece; Road District 11 – Tom Keegan.

Scott County Road Commissioners: District 5 – Alvin Foster; District 7 – Lindal White; District 1 – Charles Ratliff Jr.; District 2 – Glen Jefferson; District 4 – Joshua Roach.

In the Greene County Township Trustee race, four were elected out of five candidates. They were: Leo Grummel, Mary Kay Varble, David Steinacher, and Joseph Lakin.

Cass County Highway Commissioners: Ashland Township – Donald Smith; Bluff Springs Township – Michael Haberman; Sangamon Valley Township – Gene Brunk; Virginia Township – David Buck.