18th District candidate Miller shares views with supporters

By Ryne Turke on May 14 at 7:14am

U.S. House of Representatives 18th District candidate Darrel Miller met with supporters yesterday at Ponderosa in Jacksonville to highlight what he plans to bring to the position if elected.

Miller says a key aspect that makes him a valuable candidate is that he is able to work with both Democrats and Republicans.

“I kind of present myself as a candidate looking for common ground,” says Miller.

“I try to highlight the common ground both parties have on issues, as well as differences. The differences are real and important, but I want to highlight the common ground that parties have on issues and build on those.”

For the upcoming election, Miller will be running against incumbent Republican Aaron Shock.

Over recent elections, the 18th seat has been dominated by the Republican Party, but Miller says he doesn’t want people to focus on that aspect of the race. Miller believes that voters should only care about which candidate is the best for the position.

“My whole life I have always wanted a political campaign where people focused on the issues and not what the other person’s shortcoming may be,” says Miller.

“I certainty want to highlight the issues that need to be addressed like tax reform, social security reform, continuing health reform and the infrastructure that needs to be addressed in our country.”

The election for the U.S. House of Representatives 18th District position is on November 4th.