2014 Morgan County Fair features 2 performances and plenty of entertainment

By Ryne Turke on July 7 at 7:10am

Anticipation is beginning to build in Jacksonville as the opening of the Morgan County Fair is just one day away.

This year’s event will run for six days, kicking off on Tuesday with the Queen and Princess Pageant and concluding with the 4-H livestock auction Monday.

Entertainment chair Gary Hadden says the popularity of the Morgan County Fair in recent years has put the fair on the map in Central Illinois.

“It brought a very positive spin to the fair,” says Hadden.

“I think people recognize the fair a lot more now and there is just a definite upbeat attitude toward it compared to ten years ago.”

The Morgan County Fair will feature headline performances from artists Lee Brice and 38 Special.

Brice, who earned the Song of the Year Award from the Country Music Association, will take the stage Friday night. Hadden says the Morgan County Fair was very fortunate to get him.

“Out of the seven years we have been doing entertainment he is one of our top picks,” says Hadden.

“He is very well known, respected and a very popular entertainer for us on Friday night. It will be $20 for the show and where can you go to see nationally recognized entertainment for $20?” 3

Hadden says the entertainment committee is thrilled to have 38 Special performing Saturday, because the fair has been trying to book them for the past three years.

“They are very popular and they still put on a great show and it has been nothing but positive bringing them in,” says Hadden.

“Hopefully we will draw two different crowds with our country night on Friday and our rock night on Saturday. So we are looking forward to a great evening Saturday with 38 Special.”

Anyone purchasing their tickets in advance will have their entrance fee to the fair waved.

Students from all over the county will showcase their skills at the Talent Contest on Wednesday. Hadden says the competition will feature a wide variety of talents from all different ages.

“You will get young girls coming out from a lot of dance studios in town and some of them are competing at national levels,” says Hadden.

“Bands members usually feature a drum line too. Also, I know a couple of ladies who wrote their own music and songs and play the guitar. There is a wide range all the way to the high school level and you defiantly don’t see the same thing over and over so there is quite a spread of activities and
different routines that these kids put on.”

The traditional demolition derby will be held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Entry fee for adults is $10 and kids 12-8 will be charged $5.

Morgan County Fair president Marty Marr says there will be several judging competitions held during the duration of the Morgan County Fair.
“Over at the livestock arena we will have the sheep judging on Wednesday and rabbit judging on Thursday,” says Marr.

“After that we start in with the swine shows, the junior horse shows start on Friday along with the super showmanship and on Saturday our beef judging starts. By the way we have a lot of state champs that have come out of this

For a full list of the events at the Morgan County Fair go online to WLDS.com.