Allegations of attempted murder facing Chandlerville man

By Blake Schnitker on October 9 at 11:40am

Allegations of attempted murder have fallen on a Chandlerville man his arrest last night.

According to reports from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, 62-year old Jimmy Johnson, of the 100 block of West Illini in Chandlerville, was booked at the county jail at around 10 p.m.

Johnson was arrested by Virginia Police some time yesterday evening for alleged attempted murder, aggravated battery and mob action. Virginia Police also arrested 24-year old Jeremiah Johnson, also of the 100 block of West Illini in Chandlerville, for alleged mob action.

Despite both suspects sharing the same residence and last name, authorities have not confirmed whether or not the two suspects are related, or whether their arrests are connected to the same incident.

Neither suspect has been officially charged, and all reported crimes remain allegations at this point. According to the Illinois General Assembly’s list of compiled statutes however, if convicted of attempted first degree murder, it is classified as a Class X felony, and could carry possible sentences of 20 to 80 years. The potential for additional years being added to such a sentence depend on whether or not it is determined that the alleged possessed or discharged a firearm, and if used, the severity of injury sustained by the victim.

Both suspects are currently being held at the Morgan County jail. The 62-year old Jimmy Johnson is being held on $20,000 bond, while 24-year old Jeremiah Johnson has a bond of $2,000.

WLDS/WEAI News has reached out to Virginia Police, the Cass County Sheriff’s Department and other various agencies for further information regarding the alleged incident. If and when additional details become available, WLDS/WEAI News will share that information as soon as possible.