Area Disposal adds citizen recycling roll-off for White Hall

By Anthony Engle on August 15 at 11:55am

A couple thousand people in Northern Greene County now have a local and reliable means of recycling.

Citizens of White Hall are no longer required to drive long distances away from home to properly dispose of recyclable materials, provided they can prove to the city that they live in the vicinity of White Hall. A roll-off container has been issued on the grounds of North Greene High School at 546 North Main Street as part of an agreement between the city of White Hall and Area Disposal of Pittsfield, who already services the city’s trash collection needs.

Eric Shangraw is a Municipal Marketing and Communications Manager with Area Disposal. Shangraw details the compromise achieved by Area Disposal and the city of White Hall.


“Some city council members approached out company last fall about putting  in a proposal for franchising the city’s solid waste collection. We added in our proposal a public citizen’s recycling dropoff program that would include the roll-off dumpster at the high school. We can divert so much recyclable waste from landfills and use it all again.”

Shangraw describes the increased potential of a second recycling bin for White Hall and the dangerous waste caused by improper use of recycling containers.


“We’re waiting for the city’s direction on this, but there is most likely going to be another recycling roll-off. The city will have it under lights and fenced. These areThe problem with these containers is that they sometimes become a dumping ground for all kinds of things, and so they do need to be consistently monitored. We’re hoping that the high school is enough of a high-profile area to deter people from improper usage of the recycling roll-off. If anything (tires, TVs, trash) contaminates the roll-off or the contents inside it, the entire batch must be put in a landfill and absolutely cannot be recycled.”

David McGraw is a twenty-two year veteran social sciences instructor at North Greene High School in White Hall. Taking from his experiences as a city council member in Roodhouse from 2001 to 2009, McGraw worked closely with Eric Shangraw and Area Disposal recently to add the recycling roll-off to Area’s mandatory trash collection proposal for the city of White Hall, which the local government added to their ordinance code earlier this year.

McGraw says that White Hall has had troubles in the past with improper items being put in previous recycling containers, but that was when White Hall did not have a mandatory trash pickup ordinance. He also talks about his work with Eric Shangraw.


“We’ve had several teachers who have recycled in the past and taken a collection of recyclables via truck or car to other places that can accept those items. He and I spoke several times, and promised that if White Hall was able to codify the trash pickup ordinance, then he would be able to also guarantee a recycling roll-off container, and it happened.”

McGraw explains how North Greene High School is even looking to bring the many lessons to be learned from recycling into the classroom.


“We were also, in addition to the roll-off, 20 containers for classrooms. Each teacher can then throw recyclables in those bins. Our wonderful Special Needs Education teacher Rebecca Kuehnel will be using this as a classroom tool and a job tool for the special needs students to take the recycling materials and put it in the roll-off for us. The administration and all the other teachers are excited to access the lessons that can be taught and learned from recycling, not just for our special needs students. Kids these days need to learn that things aren’t just automatically disposable when they’re done with them. There are other means that offer a brighter future for our planet.”

Residents are only allowed to discard paper, cardboard, plastic items, glass, tin, and aluminum into this container. No plastic bags or building materials are permitted inside this newly offered recycling roll-off.