Author to speak on vaccines at Mac

By Jim McCabe on March 25 at 2:47pm

A medical historian will be coming to speak at a local college campus next week.

Dr. Mark A. Largent, author of the book, “Vaccine: The Debate in Modern America”, will discuss why parents continue to be haunted by anxieties about vaccines, despite assurances from the vast majority of health care professionals of the vaccines’ safety.

Since 1990, the number of mandated vaccines has increased dramatically and growing waves of parents have become concerned about the side effects. Nearly 40 percent of American parents delay or refuse at least one recommended vaccine for their child.

Dr. Largent will also disentangle some of the competing claims while opening the controversy for critical reflection and provide recommendations for moving forward.

The speech, which will be on April 2nd at 7 p-m at Thoresen Recital Hall in the Putnam/Springer Center, will be the final presentation of the 2013-2014 “Diversity in the Heartland” series. Those needing interpreting services should request those services 72 hours prior to the event at or call 217-479-7123.