Beardstown recovering from weekend tornado

By Blake Schnitker on December 4 at 9:18am

Tornadoes ravaged parts of central Illinois over the weekend, and the city of Beardstown felt some of the biggest impact.

While Taylorville was the city that was hit the hardest by the weekend tornadoes, the National Weather Service is reporting that as many as 20 tornadoes were reported to have touched down in as many as 12 different Illinois counties. Among those counties was Cass County, where a tornado reportedly touched down in Beardstown and cause quite a bit of damage. Luckily, however, no one was hurt as a result of the tornado in Beardstown.

Beardstown Mayor Leslie Harris goes over the areas of the city that were impacted by the storm, and says that they were rather fortunate.

“We were very fortunate, we sustained damage to our water treatment facility. Our water is up and running in our community, we’re very fortunate there. The insurance company was in today and they’re assessing the damage. Our parks district was hit, a lot of our trees were uprooted and the front of the armory was hit, and the Illinois National Guard is here in Beardstown and a portion of the armory building that was damaged was on their side. No one in our community was hurt, no homes were lost,” says Harris.

Mayor Harris says there were a number of people that stepped up for Beardstown during this time of need.

“We have an abundance of personnel that stepped up to the plate. We had out public works department, our fire and ambulance department, our police department and all other emergency personnel, everything is falling into place now and we just have to fix what was damaged. I don’t want to leave anybody out, but mostly we had a lot of community support that came in, all of the people from Ashland and Virginia that came in to help. I appreciate that, it’s just amazing what a community can do in a time of need and I’m very proud of Beardstown,” says Harris

Mayor Harris says that while the city initially was asking residents to preserve water, there never was a boil order in place.

Beardstown was fortunate to have suffered less damage than that of Taylorville, where there were reportedly as many as 100 homes that suffered damage, and more than 20 people injured.