BREAKING: Baby found in a dumpster

By Jim McCabe on August 30 at 11:35am

The Jacksonville Police Department is investigating an incident of a baby found in a dumpster in the 300 block of West Lafayette. The discovery was made at around 8:15 this morning. Police say the newborn child was still breathing.

Neighbors we spoke to are shocked that this happened. One woman, Jenna Moore, was having a yard sale just blocks away from where the baby was found. She says she may have seen the alleged perpetrators.

“We started out here around six o’clock and my mom called me at around 7:30 or 8 a.m.and asked me if I was ok ,because she thought there was a car accident,” says Moore.

“About half an hour ago we saw the thing on Facebook about the baby being found in a trash can. There were a few people walking by here and there but we didn’t put two and two together. There was a girl walking by pretty fast who didn’t say hi, never looked up and kept her eyes on the ground. It’s heartbreak because I see this stuff on television all the time, but never did I think it would happen in Jacksonville a few blocks from me.”


The baby was taken to Passavant Area Hospital and is being treated. 

Anyone with more information is asked to call the police department at 479-4630 or Crimestoppers at 243-7300.