C.D. Davidsmeyer looks ahead after winning 100th District Primary

By David Coy on March 21 at 9:19am

Last night’s primary election was a one sided affair for the 100th House District. Republican incumbent C.D. Davidsmeyer defeated Jonas Petty easily and scored about 6,000 votes. Representative Davidsmeyer spoke with WLDS/WEAI and says he approached this primary with of positive attitude.

The Jacksonville native looks ahead to what the political climate will look like as he starts his general election campaign.

“I think there is going to be a very political atmosphere in Springfield. Whether Governor Rauner wins the primary or Jeanne Ives wins, the goal of the speaker is to make his people look great and our people, the republicans keep looking bad so, we need to keep calling him out on it and everyone is the press sees it for what it is” said Davidsmeyer.

Davidsmeyer’s talks about his bumpy campaign and how he plans to move forward and look ahead to the general election.

“Some of that negative stuff was a little bit misleading I would say at best. I’m glad to move past that and move forward. You know what, I keep representing the 100th district, keep working, keep meeting with people and if anyone would like to talk to me, they can do so.” Davidsmeyer said.

Campaign season will pick back up in the next few days.

The general election is months away and will get started on November 6th.