Carmody discusses weekend bust that saw police seize close to a half ton of marijuana

By Blake Schnitker on January 2 at 10:23am

Additional details are coming to light regarding the marijuana bust in South Jacksonville this weekend.

As previously reported, local authorities arrested two men out of Houston on Sunday for alleged trafficking in cannabis. Twenty-one year old Muhammed Usama and 43-year old Syed Fraz Ahmad were taken into custody after authorities found nearly 1,000 pounds of marijuana in their RV while it was stopped at Love Travel Stop in South Jacksonville at around 10 a.m. Sunday.

Chief Deputy of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Mike Carmody breaks down how police discovered the large amounts of pot.

“One of our deputies was on routine patrol, he came across the vehicle which was already stopped. The deputy started speaking with the individuals, things were a little suspicious to him based on just casual conversation. At a certain point, the deputy realized there may possibly be drugs in the vehicle just by what they were explaining to him. He asked for an Illinois State Police canine unit to stop by and walk around the vehicle. The dog alerted, the deputy asked for permission (to search the vehicle), and once inside, he found the thousand pounds of cannabis,” says Carmody.

Carmody explains how nearly a half ton of marijuana was packaged within the RV.

“It was bundled mostly in just a little over three-pound bags that were all vacuum-sealed. There were approximately thirty bags per bundle that were in big black cases, and there was right around thirty of those bundled in the big black bags throughout the vehicle and in storage compartments underneath. They also had plastic totes full of three-pound bags full of marijuana,” Carmody explains.

He also talks about how the investigation was initiated, and some details that alerted police to possibly suspicious activity.

“They were out of Houston, the RV was out of Idaho, it came from California and was on its way east. I think that’s kind of what started the investigation was the rareness of what was going on here,” says Carmody.

Authorities are saying that the amount of marijuana confiscated during the incident holds a street value of around $5 million. Usama and Ahmad are scheduled to appear in court on February 13th.