Carrollton man arrested for drug induced homicide

By Nick Kovatch on March 11 at 4:27pm

A Carrollton man is behind bars after being arrested for drug induced homicide yesterday.

Nineteen-year-old Justin Stiller is accused of delivering morphine to 27-year-old Ryan Slow of Carrollton who overdosed on the drug last December.

Greene County’s state’s attorney Caleb Briscoe says investigators immediately began working to see how Slow obtained the drug.

“Officers started working the scene, talking to witnesses and trying to establish if we could determine where the deceased actually obtained the morphine,” says Briscoe. “The last couple of months we’ve been really working that and we do believe that there was probable cause to believe that Mr. Stiller was responsible for delivering the drugs.”

Briscoe says drug induced homicide is a Class X felony but could be upgraded depending on how much morphine was allegedly delivered.

“It could be elevated to a Super Class X,” says Briscoe. “We’re still waiting on the officer to verify that amount. But a Class X would be a minimum of 6 years sentence. It’s not probationable. The maximum is a 30 year sentence.”

Briscoe says he’s not aware of how Stiller and Slow knew each other.

Stiller remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

Briscoe says he anticipates filing formal charges tomorrow.