Cass County crash reminds us not to drink and drive

By Nick Kovatch on March 20 at 1:55pm

Ginger Wilcoxen and Cole Metcalf were injured in an accident after their vehicle was hit by an alleged drunk driver.

The mother of a girl who was nearly killed by a drunk driver in Cass County last month wants to make sure no parent has to go through the same tragedy.

On February 21st, 18-year-old Ginger Wilcoxen of Springfield was driving home with her boyfriend 18-year-old Cole Metcalf of Macomb.

Their vehicle was hit head-on by a vehicle driven by 59-year-old Sarah Mefford of Virginia. Police reports say Mefford was attempting to pass another vehicle when the accident occurred. Mefford has since been arrested for DUI.

Ginger’s mother, Kristi Glowacki, was the first one to arrive at the hospital. The wait to see her daughter was excruciating.

“The doctor and state policeman came to me and you always know that that’s bad because of all the movies that you see on TV when that happens,” says Kristi.

“So, that’s where my mind started going because at that time I couldn’t see her. They explained to me they were in a car wreck. They didn’t give me any specifics of the car wreck. Just that she was badly injured and she had a brain injury.”

When Kristi finally saw Ginger, it was heart-breaking.

“It’s the worst thing you ever want to see,” says Kristi. “My daughter’s leg was broken. There was so much blood. Her face was all cut up. Her head was stabilized. Her arms were swollen probably about four times their regular size. She had black eyes, a broken nose, blood in her hair. It was the worst thing a parent could ever face.”

Cole wasn’t injured quite a badly and was able to go home relatively quickly. Ginger didn’t go home until March 7th, and her recovery continues.

She graduated from Macomb High School in January after joining the Army National Guard in August, although those plans are now on hold because of the accident.

“It’s going to be pushed back at least a year or two due to the extent of her injuries,” says Kristi. “She has to learn how to walk on that leg again. She has to get the range of motion back in her arms. It’s going to be pushed back quite a while. That has been a hard process for her to understand.”

Since the accident, one of Ginger’s best friends, Sierra Allen, started a Facebook page called “Possible Outcomes” to tell Ginger’s story and prevent drunk driving.

Kristi says her daughter has received support from people all over the world.

“It is my hope that everybody looks at this and realize the dangers of drinking and driving,” says Kristi.

“I hope they have somebody who they can call and get a ride, or take a taxi or call a friend to take them from point A to point B so their safe and they won’t end up hurting somebody else who was innocent.”

The “Possible Outcomes” Facebook page already has more than 2,500 likes. You can check it out here.