Cass-Schuyler Hospice Receives Honor Award

By Benjamin Cox on May 14 at 6:30pm

A local free hospice care program has received an award from a national healthcare billing and coding service provider for their exceptional patient care. Cass-Schuyler Area Hospice received one of the 2019 Hospice Honors Award from HEALTHCAREfirst, a leading provider of billing, coding, and analytic services in the nation.

Teresa Armstrong, the Public Health Administrator for the Cass County Health Department details how the hospice received this top honor. “After we’ve had a patient on hospice pass away, their family receives a survey asking them how they felt the care of their loved one received, how was that care. Then, based on those responses, that placed us, I believe, in the top ten percent of hospices so that’s why received the award.”

This is the third time that the Cass-Schuyler Area Hospice has received the award for their exceptional care and service to the area.

Armstrong details some of the services that the hospice offers. “We use all local nurses, so when we have a patient that has a need after business hours, I feel like we are very responsive. Our staff gets there quickly. We also never charge patients for any of our hospice services. If a patient is uninsured or has a high-deductible health care plan and the year rolls over and they’ve not met their deductible, we don’t charge patients for any of those things. Patients and families are already facing enough at that time in their life. They really don’t need an added financial burden. We pride ourselves on that service – that no patient will ever be turned away because of their inability to pay. We don’t charge them, which is why we fundraise to support the program and continue to take care of our patients the way they should be taken care of.”

Armstrong details their fundraising efforts. “We do an annual letter of appeal that goes out around Christmastime to anyone in the past that has donated to our program. We also have done for 20+ years now an annual dinner dance that happens every Spring that’s at the Elks in Beardstown. We do a silent auction, a 50/50 drawing, the dinner, entertainment, and a Las Vegas trip raffle drawing at the dance, as well.”

For more information or to become a volunteer with the Cass-Schuyler Hospice visit them on the web at or give the Cass County Health Department a call at 217-452-3057.