City woman to spend eight weekends in jail stemming from February stabbing

By Nick Kovatch on November 5 at 1:09pm

A Jacksonville woman will spend time in jail stemming from her February arrest when she stabbed a man in the chest during an argument over a cigarette.

Forty-one-year-old Clarissa Cave pleaded guilty to aggravated battery last month. Cave previously served 24 days in jail before posting bond. Circuit Judge David Cherry sentenced Cave to 180 days in jail in Morgan County Court this morning, but she’ll only serve the next eight weekends. The remaining 140 days were stayed for review during probation.

As part of the sentence, Cave must serve 30 months of probation, receive mental health counseling and treatment, and take psychotropic medication.

As part of the plea, Morgan County state’s attorney Robert Bonjean says he wouldn’t seek prison time.

“If we sent her to prison and they kick her out with no services the likelihood of this potentially repeating itself is potentially higher than if we try to sentence her to some local jail time and try to address her issues with the services we have here in the community,” says Bonjean.

Jacksonville Police reports indicate Cave stabbed Thomas Kindred in the 700 block of East Chambers after Kindred denied Cave’s request to borrow a cigarette.

Cave was also ordered to pay $776.59 in restitution to help pay for Kindred’s medical expenses. Kindred was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds, but none were considered life-threatening.

Bonjean says Cave didn’t have any previous criminal history involving violent crimes.

During the sentencing hearing, Bonjean asked for Cave to serve 90 days with the remaining 90 days to be stayed for review.

“I thought she needed to serve straight time as a little more deterrent or more of a heavy hit in terms of serving the jail time,” says Bonjean. “I do understand [public defender Thomas] Piper and the judge’s ultimate conclusion that if we’re ordering her to take her psychotropic medication sometimes there are issues with the jail allowing residents there to take psychotropic medication. I don’t have really any complaints. It’s not what I would have done, but Judge Cherry makes that decision.”

Cave was represented by public defender Thomas Piper.