Clerk Waggener Reminders For Election Day

By Jack Jones on April 4 at 6:00am

Election Day is here. Some major decisions will be made tonight in the local area, and it is up to local residents to make those decisions.

County Clerk Jill Waggener is encouraging people to get out and vote. She feels that the Spring Election does not see enough voters, as compared to other elections:

“Usually for this consolidated election it’s always a lower turnout than our general elections when were electing the governor or the president. Unfortunately this election just does not bring a lot of voters out… Its very important that people get out and vote. Their vote does matter, and I just can’t say that enough,” says Waggener.

Waggener says that the early voting numbers have made her feel better about this year’s prospective voter turnout:

“We’ve had probably about 135 in the office and maybe that same amount for people requesting a vote by mail ballot. So, I’m encouraged by those numbers. So, hopefully we’ll have a good turnout,” Waggener explains.

Waggener also wants to remind the public when and where they can vote, as well as a reminder that you can still register up until the time of voting:

“They would just go to the precinct that they’re registered in. And, if they’re unsure of that they can call my office and one of my staff will be able to tell them what precinct they’re in and where that polling place is located. If they have not registered to vote yet, they can come into my office with two forms of ID, with one showing their current address, and we ca register them and they can vote at the same time here in my office. And we’re here from 8:30 to 5 today, and then tomorrow from 6AM to 7PM,” says Waggener

If you are still unsure of which candidate you support in your local election, you can check out our interviews and coverage of several elections and candidates, by going online to WLDS/ and finding the story on your local election before you go out and vote today or this evening.