Commissioners approve 2014 FY tax levy

By Nick Kovatch on December 16 at 1:49pm

Morgan County Commissioners adopted its Fiscal Year 2014 tax levy this morning.

Commissioners are asking for a levy of more than $5.5 million or 5 percent more than last year’s extension. No Truth in Taxation hearing was required because the request wasn’t more than 5 percent.

Chairman Brad Zeller says the county will probably receive a 3 percent extension.

“We have a CPI, cost of living increase, that is given to us by the Department of Revenue every year and this year that was 1.7 percent,” says Zeller. “We capture that plus new growth which we figure is just a shade over 1 percent, so if you put those two together the maximum that we believe we’re going to get is 3 percent.”

“We put the 5 percent in their because we can legally do that and if there happened to be some new growth that we didn’t foresee…then we would go ahead and capture that new growth,” says Zeller.

Zeller says the county’s extension request will minimally effect property tax rates.

“This is Morgan County’s portion of the complete tax bill and we represent only about 13 percent of your tax bill,” says Zeller. “Our levy just is that small of a number of the total tax bill. Other taxing bodies share the rest of that, of course, with the largest percentage going to the school district.”

In other business, Ron Staake was re-appointed to the Meredosia Fire Protection District and commissioners approved a resolution for the surplus sale of Morgan and Scott County Highway Department equipment.