Community raised more than $10,000 for Mia Ware Foundation last month

By Nick Kovatch on November 12 at 1:30pm

IC and Mac coaches and players present a check for $2,279.52 to the Mia Ware Foundation from last month's "Set, Serve and Rally for the Cure" match.

The competition was fierce last month, but in the end, the Mia Ware Foundation was the real winner.

Several area high school and collegiate athletic teams held fundraisers at games and matches during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Mia Ware Foundation board member Kim Brogdon says the community once again raised more than $10,000 in the organization’s effort to raise cancer awareness.

Brogdon says one way the Mia Ware Foundation emphasizes breast cancer prevention is through a free mammograms program.

“The mammogram program started with the Mia Ware Foundation and Passavant [Area Hospital] in 2008 and we have funded 172 mammograms to date,” says Brogdon. “This year alone we have funded 72. So, the need is out there. If any woman that needs a mammogram that doesn’t have insurance or their co-pay is too high, please contact Passavant and they can help you get qualified for that. And you can always go to”

She says people donate throughout the year, but most of the money comes in during October and March; the annual Mia Ware Foundation Gala is March 14th, 2014.

Brogdon adds the organization wants to raise awareness about all types of cancer.

“We hand out colorectal screening kits with Passavant in the month of March, so we’re not just about breast cancer anymore,” says Brogdon. “Because, unfortunately, there are many, many more cancers. At the foundation we’re trying to help do some things locally to help with different testing mechanisms we can offer.”

The Mia Ware Foundation provides a network for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, who have lost a friend, relative or loved one from cancer, and to educate individuals regarding opportunities for early detection.

Pictured: IC and Mac coaches and players present a check for $2,279.52 to the Mia Ware Foundation from last month’s “Set, Serve and Rally for the Cure” match.