Community reflects on JFK assassination

By Nick Kovatch on November 22 at 1:47pm

Elm Street in Dallas, Texas. The X in road where John F. Kennedy was shot.

Do you remember where you were when you learned President Kennedy was assassinated?

During today’s WLDS’ tri-weekly “What’s On Your Mind?” program, several listeners’ called in to tell us what they remember from that horrific day.

“I was with my husband and his parents and we were going to St. Louis to the airport to pick up his brother who had just been discharged from the army,” said one caller. “We stopped at a restaurant on the way home. I had a tiny son, he was two months old. Everybody was in shock. It was very sad.”

“I was sitting on the couch watching the parade on television and I saw what happened.” said another caller. “It just stuns you. You just sit there [and wonder] what happened. I’m sitting there holding my new son who I thought would be able to grow up with him. It was just very devastating.”

The debate over who was involved in JFK’s assassination rages on to this day. The Warren Commission, established by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the death, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Some callers on “What’s On Your Mind” still have their doubts.

“The first questions that all Americans asked, I believe, were ‘Why would anyone want to shoot the president?’ and ‘Who would shoot the president’. There are lingering doubts today in many people’s minds that it actually happened the way the Warren Commission decided that it did happen. I think it created more doubts than they removed,” said the caller.

You can listen to the entire “What’s On Your Mind” episode here.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn marked the anniversary today with a moment of silence in Rosemont. Flags are flying at half-staff per the governor’s order.