Concussion training required for ISHA athletic staff

By Ryne Turke on August 20 at 1:11pm

The newly signed law requires the Illinois High School Association to give athletic staff in the state an online training course on concussions. Governor Pat Quinn believes the results will lead to fewer injuries to students.

“This makes sure that all of our coaches, especially those in contact sports like football, can recognize early on what a concussion is and what to do to protect the athlete,” says Quinn.

Quinn understands that safety is always the first concern.

“I think at the pro level we are understanding the dangers of concussions,” says Quinn.

“That is why we are working with the IHSA on this online program so all our coaches, assistant coaches, athletic directors and student athletes understand that concussions are serious.”

The IHSA says the course has already been developed and coaches of fall sports have completed the training. They’ll be required to retake it every two years. Student athletes will also be trained on recognizing concussion symptoms.