Congressman doesn’t want spending debate lost to debt fight

By Nick Kovatch on October 10 at 1:15pm

The debt ceiling is only part of the discussion that Congressman Rodney Davis wants to have.

The Republican who represents much of Central Illinois, including Greene County, says Congress also needs to talk about their efforts to cut back on spending.

“One of the things that gets lost in the artificial deadlines and the government shutdown is the fact that we have been able to cut and re-prioritize some spending programs to where we actually have positively impacted the deficit spending that has gone out of control under this administration,” says Davis.

President Obama wants to raise the debt-ceiling but he hasn’t given details on what his spending plans are. Davis says he wants to know how much Obama wants to spend before he’ll vote on whether to raise the debt ceiling.

“I don’t think anybody would agree that we should give any president, Republican or Democrat, unlimited borrowing authority because then tough decisions never get made like [in] Illinois,” says Davis.

Obama says the nation’s creditworthiness is at stake if the ceiling isn’t raised. Obama told Congress he’d negotiate on the budget if House Republicans ended the government shutdown and voted to raise the debt ceiling. House Speaker John Boehner refused the offer, claiming the president wanted an unconditional surrender, and that’s not how government works.