County clerk says commissioner race will happen in November

By Jim McCabe on July 17 at 4:40pm

There will be a vote for commissioner in Morgan County during the November general election.

That announcement was made by Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener Thursday in a press release after county commissioners announced that they’d be posting a vacancy notice for the seat of Dick Rawlings, who died on Tuesday.

According to the press release, there will be an appointment of a commissioner until the November 4th general election, at which time one nominee from each respective political party will be placed on the ballot to be elected to fill the unexpired six-year term of Commissioner Rawlings.

Since a vacancy has occurred after the last day provided for filing nomination papers for county commissioner, the county central committee of each established party will nominate by resolution a candidate to fill the commissioner seat.

The resolution of vacancy, along with a statement of candidacy and statement of economic interest, must be filed with the county clerk by August 27th by the nominee of the respective parties. Those nominees will appear on the November 4th ballot.

In the meantime, a temporary replacement will be selected within 60 days by county commissioners based on a list of candidates provided by Morgan County Republican Party chairman Steve Hardin.

Rawlings was elected to a six-year term in November 2012.