County Commissioners approve FY 2018 tax levy for Morgan County, Marnico Village

By Blake Schnitker on December 26 at 11:10am

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners approved a pair of tax levies for the 2018 fiscal year at this morning’s meeting.

During their final meeting of 2017, the Board of Commissioners had a rather light agenda, with the two main items of business being the approval of the fiscal year 2018 levy for Morgan County, as well as the fiscal year 2018 levy for Marnico Village.

Board Chairman Brad Zeller says that this year’s Consumer Price Index, or CPI, for Morgan County is a bit higher than in years past at 2.1 percent, and explains what that means for the county.

“According to the Department of Revenue, every year we receive a CPI from them, and we are under the property tax limitations law, so that CPI limits what we can ask for from last year’s extension. In previous years, it’s been under one percent, and this year, the CPI given to us by the state of Illinois was 2.1 percent, so that allows us to increase last year’s extension by 2.1 percent,” explains Zeller.

Zeller breaks down how the Department of Revenue comes up with that percentage every year.

“It is basically what I would call an inflation number, and according to law, after last year’s extension, with the money we received from the taxing bodies, then we were able to increase this year’s request by that 2,1 percent,” Zeller says.

The 2018 fiscal year tax levy for Morgan County comes out to just under $6 million, with the exact figure at $5,919,180. Nearly $4.2 million of that number goes towards the county’s general fund, $650,000 to the highway fund, and the rest being spread out across various departments such as the health department, the bridges fund, federal aid matching, and the T.B. Sanitorium.

As for the levy regarding Marnico Village, Zeller explains that the county is required to do an assessment of that part of the city.

“Marnico Village is west of Jacksonville, and the County Board is obliged by law to do a special assessment for them and create a levy. That money is used for road repairs in Marnico Village, and they usually wait two-to-four years, until this levy accumulates to $7,000 to $10,000, then they come in and they rock and chip all of the roads out there,” says Zeller.

The cost of the special assessment for Marnico Village and the road construction that’s needed there comes out to just under $2,500, with the exact figure at $2,492.