County GIS announces new data site

By Jim McCabe on April 30 at 1:10pm

There’s a new site for people who want to look up property information in Morgan County.

Morgan County GIS today announced the official launch of, a website devoted to providing a public portal to county GIS data in a user-friendly format.

Dusty Douglas, director of the Morgan County Regional Planning Commission, says after a six-year relationship with Beacon Schneider Corporation, Morgan County has migrated to a new stand-alone site.

Douglas says users will find all the same functionality as displayed previously on Beacon in a slightly different layout. You can click on the property search tab for a search similar to Beacon or click on the Online map to freely browse the county.

You can also browse available buildings and properties from MREDC or access pre-made PDF maps.

If you have questions, you can call Douglas at 243-9404, extension 103.