Crime stats for Morgan County Sheriff’s Office released

By Nick Kovatch on January 26 at 8:03am

The number of crimes reported to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office was up slightly in 2013.

There were 467 criminal offenses reported last year, up from 463 reported in 2012. The clearance rate for all criminal offenses was about 60 percent.

Morgan County Sheriff Randy Duvendack says that rate is a little below average.

“Sixty percent is still a pretty good number as far as solving criminal cases,” says Duvendack. “We were down a few officers this year including one detective, two longtime officers retired and two officers who were well-trained took other jobs. Considering the officers I did have here I’m pretty happy with what we had and the work we got done.”

Deputies kept up the fight on drugs. There were 136 drug arrests in 2013 compared to 132 in 2012, 135 in 2011 and just 51 in 2010.

“We’ve got some officers that are very diligent about working marijuana and drug cases,” says Duvendack. “If they think they come upon somebody that may be involved in that kind of activity they are very good at trying to locate drugs and make an arrest.”

Morgan County Deputies made 17 arrests for possession of a controlled substance and 116 arrests were made for possession of cannabis or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Reported thefts and burglaries decreased by 24 over the year. There were nine fewer criminal sexual assaults and abuse cases reported in 2013 than in 2012, and there were 16 fewer battery and assault reports.

The number of DUI cases dropped from 72 to 65.

Duvendack says 2013 will always be remembered for the tragedy that struck.

“It was a tragic year, not only with car and motorcycle accidents, but also we had the fatal fire at Marnico Village,” says Duvendack. “That affected a family there.”

“We did have some involvement with the tragedy in Manchester,” says Duvendack. “The suspect was from our county.”

Deputies received 6,884 calls for service last year, a decrease of nearly 700.