Crops reporting strong numbers even through dry weather

By Ryne Turke on August 5 at 12:47pm

The local district’s precipitation total of 0.30 inches for the week was on par with the rest of the state, according to the USDA’s latest crop progress report.

USDA statistician Mark Schleusener says nearly a quarter of the state feels the crops need more rain.

“I’ve got a couple of comments that one more rain and this corn crop will be made and that’s probably true for a good amount of acres,” says Schleusener.

“Another person commented that two or three more good rains are needed for the soybean crop. That is certainly true because the soybean crop has a long way to go.”

Locally, topsoil was 35 percent short, 57 percent adequate and two percent surplus. Subsoil was 35 percent short and 60 percent adequate. Schleusner notes that poorer soil numbers hurt crop production for the week.

“Our soil moisture and our crop conditions declined a little bit last week even though our crop progress is ahead of the five-year average pace,” says Schleusner.

“The corn crop is 55 percent of acres are in the dough stage, which compares to 28 percent one year ago and 47 percent for the five year average. One percent of the drop has reached the dense stage where it is really starting to mature.”

West Southwest farmers reported local corn is silking at 99 percent, six percent dented and 70 percent is in the dough stage. As for soybeans, 93 percent of the crop is blooming and 66 percent of soybeans are setting pods.

Regardless of recent lower numbers, Schleusener says the soybean and corn crop conditions are in good shape.

“The condition of the soybean crop is slightly down from last week as 56 percent of acres are good and 21 percent of soybean acres are excellent,” says Schleusener.

“The condition of the corn crop shows four percent of acres are poor to very poor, 16 percent fair, 52 percent good and 22 percent in excellent condition.”

Local farmers saw plenty of days of suitable fieldwork with 6.2 days, similar to the state average.

Temperatures continued to dip across the state last week. The latest crop report showed local temperatures were nearly six degrees cooler, coming to an average of 69.2 degrees.