Dani Glascock Post Election Reaction

By Jack Jones on April 5 at 11:22am

The election race for South Jacksonville Village President is over, and the race was very close between Harry Jennings and Dani Glascock. By the narrow margin of twelve votes, Jennings defeated Glascock.


WLDS/WEAI News caught up with Glascock to discuss her campaign and the election:


“I feel the campaign actually for both candidates went great. I mean Harry and I both ran a  very clean race. I wouldn’t have done anything any different. Im extremely proud of everything we did. I think it’s obvious from everything that you heard from every candidate, that everybody just wants what’s best from the village. And that’s all you can really ask when it’s said and done… You know, and in some of the races I saw where like less than 50 people would come out in a town to vote. So it was good to see a great voter turnout. And there are still a lot of great things that are going to happen in the village and I wish Harry the best.”


Glascock told us that, despite the race being so tight, she will not be seeking a recount:


“No. I talked over it with my husband and the thing is I think that it is very accurate especially with the electronic voting and stuff. And nope, we’re just gonna let it- where the chips fell, chips fell.”


Glascock, the former village clerk, also said that looking towards the future she does not plan to run for a position any time soon:


“Well, you know, I’ve always said from the beginning that I’m not the textbook politician. I had no idea what politics was all about, and I felt like I’ve done my duty. I’ve done my best, and at this point I’m just going to focus on my family. ANd I told my husband I’d be on the motorcycle every weekend.”
For more information on the South Jacksonville Village President race, and our interview with the newly elected president Harry Jennings, visit us online at WLDS/WEAI.com