Davidsmeyer comes out against pay raise legislation

By Jim McCabe on June 7 at 6:55am

Jacksonville State Representative is criticizing the state budget which grants an effective pay raise to legislators.

The budget, which passed the House last week, does not renew the requirement that members of the House and Senate take one unpaid furlough day each month. Th result of this omission is that legislators will see their pay increase beginning on July 1st.

Davidsmeyer voted against the pay raise and went a step further, co-sponsoring legislation to re-impose the furlough days on legislators. He is also sponsoring legislation which would cut the pay of legislators if the state doesn’t reduce its backlog of unpaid bills.

The pay raise legislation is Senate Bill 274. Davidsmeyer’s bill to re-impose the furloughs on legislators is House Bill 6235, while his bill to cut legislator pay if the backlog is not reduced is HB 5434.

Davidsmeyer says the budget still holds back on wages already owed to state employees. He’s also sponsoring a bill to correct that.