Davidsmeyer Offers a Fiscal Charter

By Gary Scott on December 16 at 12:37pm

A local state representative has offered what he calls a taxpayer’s fiscal charter to those frustrated by the lack of a state budget.

State representative CD Davidsmeyer adapted the charter with the help of his predecessor, former representative Jim Watson.

Davidsmeyer is trying to convince other lawmakers to use a little bit of common sense.

He starts with a freeze on spending, two years of no new spending. Even after that, Davidsmeyer calls for no new programs until the annual payment cycle drops to 30 days.

Davidsmeyer’s charter also includes a ban of unfunded state mandates for schools and other units of government, and a requirement that all appropriations bills be electronically posted before action.

Davidsmeyer says the budget standstill means the state is broke, and the current system is broken.

He doesn’t see it going through the bill process. But, Davidsmeyer says it may create pressure for other lawmakers.

Until the House rules change, there will be no state budget. Those rules funnel the budget through House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office.