Davis: Federal health care website set up to fail

By Nick Kovatch on November 2 at 7:09am

To Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis, the new federal health care web site has been a matter of ready, set, fail.

Millions who have tried to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act website have been unable because of glitches with the site. Davis says he figured the Obama administration would have fixed healthcare.gov during the government shutdown.

“But they didn’t because the plan itself because the plan itself, the way it’s been set up, the mismanagement of this web site, and the expensive, exponential cost of $292 million, it just shows that this isn’t ready for prime time,” says Davis.

Davis says anybody and everybody could have told you how fouled up the Affordable Care Act web site would be.

“This wasn’t a surprise to even Democrats like Max Baucus who said this was going to be a train wreck and now it’s on the front pages,” says Davis.

Davis also responded to Democrats’ suggestions that he may not vote to raise the debt ceiling again and thus promote another government shutdown.

“I don’t think any policymaker or any member of Congress ought to come out and talk about a specific position on what he or she would do regarding the debt limit until we see what the actual plan is,” says Davis.

The deal to end the 16-day government shutdown last month funds the government through January 15th and raises the debt ceiling through February 7th.