Democrat from Dupo, IL files for run for Illinois Governor

By Blake Schnitker on November 29 at 1:03pm

A fifth candidate has filed the necessary signatures and now enters the highly-anticipated race for Illinois Governor.

Democrat Terry Getz, of Dupo, Illinois, filed his paperwork at the state capitol shortly after 10:30 today.

Getz is the fourth Democrat to file for a run at the state’s gubernatorial seat. The three other Democrats aside from Getz to file include Chris Kennedy, Daniel Biss and J.B. Pritzker, all of whom filed their signatures as soon as the filing period began at 8 a.m. Monday.

Current Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is the lone Republican to have filed thus far; however, Wheaton-based State Representative Jeanne Ives has publicly announced her plans to oppose the incumbent.

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, Getz’s running mate and lieutenant governor has yet to file. Each of the other gubernatorial candidate’s lieutenant governor candidates have filed. Those lieutenant governor candidates include Rauner’s running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti; Ra Joy with Chris Kennedy; Biss’ lieutenant governor hopeful Litesa Wallace; and Juliana Stratton, who’s running alongside Pritzker. It is unclear at this time who Getz’s running mate could be.