Diversified Services head shaves head for good cause

By Jim McCabe on May 13 at 4:13pm

The president of a local business went bald for children’s cancer research yesterday, cheered on by his employees.

It happened at CGB Diversified Services in Jacksonville. Rodney Clark had his head shaved after almost $11,000 was raised for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a group that has raised in total over $150 million for research grants and clinical trials.

Clark says he learned about St. Baldrick’s through his business and says he was asked by them to get involved. He showed a video to about 50 employees detailing the work the organization has done and to highlight the devastation caused to families by childhood cancer.

“I’ve been very fortunate not to be touched with childhood cancer in my family, but every three minutes, there’s another child that’s diagnosed with childhood cancer,” he says. “It’s obviously a great cause, and there’s a lot of research being done. The dollars will go for just a tremendous cause.”


Clark says his initial goal was $6,000 when he started raising money, but that nearly doubled thanks to the generosity of the people that work at Diversified Services.

“The people that work in our organizations are incredibly giving folks- we just won the governor’s award in Illinois for organizations that are philanthropic and have employees that give- and all of these folks that work here in Jacksonville and throughout our whole organization are very generous with their donations for good causes,” says Clark.

“It’s because of them and other people that I knew in the insurance industry and obviously, my family and friends, that have given generously for the cause, so I think they’re all anxious to see me with a bald head,” he adds.

Clark had his hair cut by a hairstylist from TrendSetters, a local salon that donated its services.

You can check out the St. Baldrick’s donation page for Clark here.

You can also view video of the head-shaving event by checking out a link to the story from our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20.