DOT Foods helps ‘Dosh high school get athletic program back on track

By Nick Kovatch on October 6 at 10:15am

Athletic facilities at Meredosia-Chambersburg schools look a whole lot better thanks to a donation from Dot Foods.

The company, based in Mount Sterling, gave the school district a $10-thousand donation to install an all-new cinder track, as well as purchase new track equipment, such as hurdles and starting blocks, and also replace padding on the gymnasium walls.

A visit by Dot Foods over the summer revealed a need for new fence around the perimeter of the school and baseball field, dilapidated padding on the gym walls and the need for a restoration of the school’s track.

Since then, the projects have been completed with the help of Dot’s donation, school funding, fundraisers and other community donations.

Meredosia-Chambersburg High School athletic director Travis Sievers says the improvements created a new track program.

“We got at least a buzz going around here,” says Sievers. “It did at another sport to our school. By next spring we hope to have some more improvements done to the track and get it re-cindered. We’ve already started that process. As well, we’d like to get the equipment done for the track and bring back some community pride, not only from our students, but from our parents and some of the people around here.”

Suzy Kassing is Dot Foods charitable committee chair.

“It’s really nice for us to be involved in the process and to interact with people at schools that are enthusiastic about making changes and improvements,” says Kassing. “We serve an 11 county area, so we’re always glad to see what the schools are working on and to be able to consider their requests.”

The district consists of the Jr./Sr. High School and the Elementary School. The student population is around 250.