Drivers should be aware of potentially hazardous road conditions

By Blake Schnitker on February 6 at 6:57am

Area drivers should use caution on their commute to work or school this morning as many roadways remains slick from precipitation yesterday and overnight.

Here at WLDS/WEAI, we recorded around a quarter of an inch of snow fall and four hundredths of an inch of precipitation, most of which remains frozen on local roadways.

Illinois State Police reported at least one crash that occurred in northbound traffic on Interstate 55 near milepost 115, a few miles outside of Lincoln. That crash did not result in any fatalities, however one driver was hospitalized with injuries, and northbound lanes on I-55 were blocked for what appears to be several hours as rescue crews were on scene.

Local drivers are encouraged to air on the side of caution when they hit the roads this morning, as some spots are likely to be more slippery than others, particularly on bridges and overpasses that haven’t had the opportunity to thaw out yet.

Leaving plenty of room between your own vehicle and the vehicle directly in front of you is typically a good idea, especially when bringing the vehicle to a complete stop could be a bit challenging. Area drivers are also encouraged to check the road conditions along their morning routes prior to hitting the roads.

With another round of precipitation possible for parts of that state tonight, drivers should continue to be aware of road conditions, and stay tuned to WLDS/WEAI for the latest updates.