Dry, chilly weather welcome by local farmers

By Nick Kovatch on October 29 at 1:16pm

You might complain about the weather the last several days, but our farming friends won’t.

There were 6.2 suitable days for field work last week in the local West Southwest District. UDSA Crop Statistician Mark Schleusener says the chilly, dry conditions favored late-season farming.

“Moisture content was higher than what farmers wanted and so they waited,” says Schleusener. “They switched over to soybeans and got them done for the most part. They waited for Mother Nature to dry down their corn instead of paying someone to dry it for them.”

Locally, corn is 73 percent harvested while soybeans are 83 percent harvested. Both statistics are in-line with the state average and above the five-year average.

Schleusener says the cold snap last week actually helped farmers.

“A good hard freeze will knock some leaves off the soybeans,” says Schleusener. “That’s something that farmers will want before they actually go to harvest. Primarily, they’re looking at moisture content in their crops – corn and soybeans.”

The average temperature in the local West Southwest District was 42.3 degrees last week. That’s more than 11 degrees below normal.

There was only 0.14 inches of rain locally last week, which is nearly a half-inch below normal.