EAS consignment auction in its 27th year

By Jim McCabe on February 14 at 1:03pm

A fundraiser for a Morgan County emergency service is coming up in about two weeks.

The 27th annual Murrayville-Woodson Emergency Ambulance Service Consignment Auction and Gator Giveaway is taking place on March 1st. The advertising deadline for the auction is next Tuesday, while the receiving of saleable items will begin next Saturday.

EAS member Eric Lakin appeared on this morning’s edition of WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind” program to talk about the auction, which is the organization’s main fundraiser.

In consignment auctions, the consigner takes home the auctioned price of the item, while the auctioneers donate their commission.

“Some people get confused and say, ‘Well, when I bring you something, I gotta give it to you.’ Well, no you don’t have to give it to us. You can consign it, you can say that I want so much money for it, I don’t want to sell it. That’s the difference in a consignment auction, and we have a few that do [go] both ways,” explains Lakin.

“Some people just say, ‘Here it is, please auction it and use the money.’ Some come in and say, ‘Just auction it, whatever it brings, I’ll take whatever the commission is.’”

Last year’s consignment auction brought in over 300 consigners and 1,000 items.

“All the way from a shovel up to a $150,000 combine. Those aren’t every year, but we have a variety of things in between that are there: lawn garden equipment, automobiles, fencing equipment, building supplies, carports, little sheds that go out in your yard,” he says.

“I know one of the things we got coming this year is a propane floor polisher.”

Lakin says the hope from EAS volunteers is that the weather gets better between the time items can be received and the auction itself.

“Over the years, we’ve kind of fixed a fairly good spot to be that we can handle items, even though the weather’s not in our favor,” Lakin says.

“Anybody that’s been there before understands, and a lot of people that goes to auctions understand that the weather is always an issue, sometimes an issue, and so yeah, we worry about it, but it’s out of our control, so we’ll do the best we can,” he continues.

Tickets for the new 2014 J.D. Gator XUV 550 are available at over 12 locations and from any squad member for $20. You can also win a $5-thousand cash prize and a flat-screen TV.

The consignment auction also includes a breakfast and lunch. West Central Mass Transit will provide shuttle busses out of Jacksonville.

Murrayville-Woodson EAS is a non-tax-supported, volunteer emergency transport service affiliated with Passavant Area Hospital.

For more information on the auction, you can go online at www.mweas.com or call the EMS office at 217-882-3114.

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