Fans apparently irked by officiating at junior high game, police called in

By Jim McCabe on February 8 at 8:38am

City police responded to an incident during a junior high school basketball postseason game last night.

Jacksonville Police reports indicate two teams were pulled off the court in the fourth quarter of last night’s game after numerous fans and coaches became upset about the officiating. It happened at around 9:15 p.m. at the gym at 664 South Lincoln.

School officials apparently called the cops to show up after fans of both teams began yelling at each other and at the referees.

The two teams involved, Springfield-Jefferson and Quincy Junior High, were playing in the regional final of the Class 4A IESA playoffs.

We originally incorrectly reported on the radio that Turner Junior High School was one of the teams involved. Turner had lost to Quincy earlier in the day.

The game was completed with Quincy winning 71-50, and officers stood by while the building and parking lot cleared out afterwards. No arrests were made.