Former US Senator Alan Dixon dies

By Richard Holton on July 7 at 1:16pm

A 2-term US senator from Illinois passed away yesterday, one day before his 87th birthday.

Alan Dixon, a fixture in Illinois politics, also worked as a state representative, state senator, state treasurer and Illinois secretary of state.

Before his death, Dixon said that his commitment was to honesty first and party second.

“What defines me is I was my own man. I was what I’d guess you’d call a Blue Dog Democrat today. I voted with my party about 70% of the time.”

He gave interviews last year to promote his memoir, titled “The Gentleman from Illinois”, which he wrote longhand on legal pads. He laments about the culture of money surrounding today’s politics.

“During a 6-year term as a US Senator, has to raise odd $35-40 thousand dollars a week, a week, in order to have adequate funds to be elected.”

Dixon lost his last race for senator to Carol Moseley-Braun in 1993. His political career lasted 43 years.