Franklin Superintendent discusses passing of School Buildings Bond Referedum

By Blake Schnitker on April 5 at 2:44pm

Buildings within Franklin School District #1 will see some major improvements in the coming years after voters approved a referendum for 2.5-million dollars in school building bonds.

Of the 470 total votes counted, 283 voters marked yes, while 187 voted no.

WLDS-WEAI News caught up with Franklin Superintendent Andy Stremlau, who says the district is ecstatic about the passing of the referendum.

“The board of administration is really excited by the passing of the referendum. Were humbled by the community support of our students, and going in we knew we were represented by a great community. We had a strong sense that the community would support our students and our new elementary wing. But, you know, that’s a tough sale anytime you try to pass a tax referendum especially in these trying fiscal times. So, we’re very grateful at this point,” says Stremlau.

Stremlau says there are a lot of people that contributed to the movement to get the referendum passed.

“Number one it started with our school board having a vision and a plan going back about two and one half years ago when we started to look at our facilities and seeing what we needed to do as far as being fiscally responsible and being realistic in our 10-year plan for the future. It was imperative that we needed to consolidate to one town with a two building district, which was a very tough emotional thing. Anytime you have change or you’re losing a building, especially when it’s in another community that’s a part of your district, that’s very tough,” Stremlau explains.

He explains what the 2.5-million dollars will go towards.

” Specifically we’re building an elementary wing that will be joined with the Jr./Sr. High and will include classrooms for grades 3,4, and 5 and a full gym that will house all our pre-k through grade 5 student population for Physical Education and recess. I neglected to mention earlier, a huge reason for the success of the referendum was our FANS group which is the Friends for Franklin Alexander and Nortonville that spearheaded the referendum movement. They did a great job and I think that their contributions largely lead to the passage,” says Stremlau.

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