FutureGen plans approved by ICC

By Jim McCabe on May 14 at 1:13pm

The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved transportation and sequestration plans for FutureGen.

The commission yesterday approved plans after determining that they appear to be reasonable and cost-effective as required by law, according to an ICC press release.

FutureGen wants to liquefy carbon dioxide at a retrofitted Ameren power plant in Meredosia and store it at a site over 4,000 feet underground in northeastern Morgan County through a pipeline.

Beth Bosch is a spokeswoman for the ICC.

“The plans that they have proposed after review make sense, and they have provided the commission with supporting evidence to show where it’s working in other places and that this will be comparable, and the commission agreed with that,” says Bosch.

The commission in February granted a certificate of authority for FutureGen to construct the 28-mile pipeline. The commission’s order authorizing FutureGen to build the CO2 line is conditioned on the Alliance receiving project approvals from the EPA, the federal Department of Energy and other governmental entities.

“The company received approval from EPA last week for the injection wells- that’s a preliminary approval, so we’re waiting [for] the final approval,” she says. “We expect that FutureGen will file those with the commission as they come in.”

The ICC approved an electric procurement plan in December 2012 which included an agreement for the purchase of electricity from the clean coal generating plant proposed by FutureGen under the “clean coal” provisions of the IPA Act.

FutureGen received an environmental impact statement from DOE indicating that the CO2 pipeline would comply with the transportation of hazardous materials regulations under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s pipeline safety division and submitted it to the Commission.

On March 31st, the EPA issued draft permits to FutureGen for the four proposed injection wells.

The ICC held public comment periods last month in Jacksonville and also accepted online comments.

Yesterday’s action concludes the formal FutureGen cases before the Commission, although final permits when granted, as well as the outstanding permits, must be submitted in compliance with the earlier Commission order.