Gas prices falling fast

By Nick Kovatch on October 2 at 1:17pm

Gasoline is getting cheaper in Jacksonville.

The low price of a gallon of unleaded in the city is $3.23. The price has been dropping since August 29th when it was $3.69.

Beth Mosher is with the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club.

“It is dropping pretty quickly, and that’s really good news for all those traveling out there. Gas prices we expect – barring anything unforeseen – we expect gas prices to continue coming down through the remainder of the year,”  says Mosher.

Mosher says this is the time of year when the price falls, and indications are that the supply of gasoline is plentiful, so nothing will stop the price from coming down.

“Supply and demand really is working in consumer’s favor right now,” says Mosher. “There is ample supply out there and the future’s trading on the oil market shows very good prices coming down the pipeline.”

The average price for a gallon of gas in Illinois is $3.46. That’s in the middle of the pack among the rest of the country.

The national average today for a gallon of gasoline is $3.39 per gallon. That price is down from $3.59 a month ago, and $3.78.

One year ago today, Jacksonville residents paid $3.71 a gallon.