Government shutdown continues

By Nick Kovatch on October 8 at 2:14pm

Democrats say they have enough votes to push a “clean” spending bill through the House and end the partial government shutdown, but the “yes” votes may not come from West Central Illinois’ Republican Congressmen.

Phone calls and e-mails to Congressman Aaron Schock’s spokesperson weren’t immediately returned today, but he hasn’t given the national media any indication he would vote for a clean continuing resolution.

Several national media outlets claim Congressman Rodney Davis is “leaning toward a yes vote”, but Davis’ spokesman, Andrew Flach, wouldn’t speculate on how Davis might vote. Flach says Davis will make his decision if and when a clean CR is presented to the House.

Democrats accuse House Republicans of holding the government hostage in an ongoing effort to repeal, defund or delay the healthcare reform law.

President Obama is refusing to negotiate with House Republican leaders until they agree to end the shutdown and raise the federal debt ceiling. The U.S. government faces possible default if the debt ceiling is not raised by October 17th. Obama called Republican House Speaker John Boehner this morning and reiterated his position.