IC students celebrate National Philanthropy Day

By Nick Kovatch on November 16 at 9:31am

Illinois College students celebrated National Philanthropy Day yesterday by recognizing those that help make their education possible.

The Student Alumni Association sponsored a “Tag Day” and tagged items throughout campus made possible by the philanthropic efforts of donors.

In addition over 300 students who receive scholarships from the IC Fund, the college’s unrestricted annual fund, and other donations were “tagged” with information about his or her scholarship.

Dozens of students gathered for a photo at the Barnes House with Illinois College president Dr. Barbra Farley.

“The students came out to really honor all of the people who have made contributions to Illinois College to support their experience here by making it possible for them to get scholarships, to be involved in co-curricular activities and athletics, and all the things that make college so special for them,” says Farley.

Also yesterday, faculty and staff who support the IC Fund were wearing “I Give” tags around campus.