Ice adds to dangerous roads, possibly more snow to come

By Blake Schnitker on January 15 at 3:54pm

Overnight ice added to the treacherous road conditions being experienced in west central Illinois following a historic weekend snowfall.

After more than a foot of snow falling on the Jacksonville and surrounding area over the weekend, road conditions have been made slightly worse with the addition of ice covering the streets this morning. Road crews have been busy trying to clear the streets to the best of their ability over the past few days, however drivers are still asked to use extreme caution when traveling.

Morgan County EMS Director Phil McCarty says that there are a few important reminders for area residents as we get around in this severe weather.

McCarty says it’s very dangerous for people to be walking in the streets during this type of weather.

With more snow in the forecast for this weekend, McCarty says the best thing people can do is be patient.

According to McCarty, Morgan County Emergency Services has received a number of calls regarding vehicles sliding off of the roadway and ending up in ditches, however, McCarty says he hasn’t heard of any serious accidents over the past several days.