Illinois WIC Continues Throughout October

By Nick Kovatch on October 9 at 2:01pm

The more than 680 people that depend on Morgan County’s WIC program aren’t being impacted by the government shutdown, at least not yet.

State WIC Director Pam Roth says their funding will last for at least a few more weeks.

“We have funding through the month of October and that means participants can keep their appointments,” says Roth. “They can also spend their WIC food instruments just like a check at the grocery store for the WIC foods that they’re prescribed.”

The Illinois WIC program provides food vouchers to women, infants, and children under age five.

Roth says many people have expressed concern about what they should do during the government shutdown.

“Many are asking questions about whether they can continue using their WIC food instruments and should they go to their appointments, so it is important for us to get the message out that they should,” says Roth.

Concern is increasing about what will happen to low-income families once WIC funding is depleted. Citizens across the nation are calling on the government to find a solution to the shutdown in order to avoid any negative consequences related to WIC and other vital programs that have been impacted.