Interim Salvation Army captain announces replacement, says Citadel will be built

By Jim McCabe on May 17 at 7:54am

The interim captain of the Salvation Army in Jacksonville says a permanent replacement to the position will begin next month.

Major Elmer Trapp and his wife were brought out of retirement last month after Captains Terry and Cheryl Selvege stepped down. Trapp appeared on yesterday’s edition of WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program to talk about that and several other topics.

Trapp says Captains Charles and Kathleen Pinkston from the Salvation Army in El Dorado, Kansas will start June 24th.

“They are young, and they have a lot of energy, and I was talking to Katie and I can tell in her voice she is ready to move to Jacksonville and get on with the show,” he says.

Trapp says the Pinkstons have experience with building projects and campaigns, as well as experience operating thrift stores. The Jacksonville Salvation Army has experienced a delay in getting a $2 million Citadel building constructed, despite having raised half of that as of last November.

He says that process continues to move along.

“All I can say is, there is going to be a building built. We’re just going through the process; sometimes, it takes a long time, making changes and this and that, but the Salvation Army will build a new Citadel,” promises Trapp.

To the donors questioning where the money they’ve given is going, Trapp says the “money is being held in trusts. It’s drawing interest right now,” he says. “It’s being put to good use even though there is not construction going on. To repeat myself, the Salvation Army’s going to build a building.”

You can listen to the full interview with Trapp on the “What’s On Your Mind?” section of our website.