ISP urges motorist safety for holiday season

By Jim McCabe on October 30 at 1:53pm

As wintry conditions and periods of heavy holiday travel approach, Illinois State Police troopers are urging motorists to use caution.

ISP District 20 Safety Education Officer Mike Kindhart says law enforcement is taking advantage of additional grant funding for overtime patrols during the holiday season to enforce the “Fatal Four”: seat belt use, impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving.

“Speed has been a factor in 50 percent of the crashes that we’ve seen this year” he says. “Some of these things we can’t control, but that’s why we push so hard for the enforcement and the education of the things that are driver error that we can control.”

In District 20 alone, which includes Scott County, there have been 17 deaths since the beginning of the year on roadways in the five-county region, nearly 50 percent more than last year through this same time period.

With Halloween tomorrow, Kindhart says motorists need to slow down on city streets and in subdivisions where children will be out and about.

“With the rain out in the forecast and with these dark outfits for Halloween and the costumes that those kids are wearing, we need to remain aware and make sure that we’re taking everything we can do precautionary for safety while we’re driving on these roadways,” says Kindhart.

District 20 has seen four municipal road crashes result in fatalities this year.

Kindhart says the “Fatal Four” holiday patrols will begin in November and lost through January.