Jacksonville aldermen aiming to tweak signage

By Ryne Turke on April 24 at 8:16am

Watch out Jacksonville drivers: city street and speed limit signs could be changing soon.

Jacksonville’s Planning and Public Works Committee met yesterday morning to discuss specific changes that have been proposed by aldermen and suggested through community input.

The goal is to improve the town layout and increase the safety of District 117 and college students who use the pedestrian cross walks. Bill Scott, alderman and committee chair, says the state is mandating Jacksonville to begin using new reflective signs.

“All signs in the city are going to have to be replaced. We are trying to see if any changes need to be made at this time,” he says.

Here are the changes the committee has decided upon: there will be a yield sign put in at Center Street at Howe and East Railroad. There will be a stop sign on Brown Street at Lafayette.

Stop signs will be replaced with yield signs at Mound and Lincoln and at North Grand and Gettysburg, with a crosswalk installed at the first location. A two-way stop sign will replace the current three-way stop at West Beecher and South Sandy. A sign will be placed at the south end of Prospect going into Grove.

There will be no stop sign put in at South Diamond at Grove and Chambers, although Scott acknowledges some citizens asked for that.

Also, the committee decided to leave a four-way stop at Tendick by the Moose Lodge. The committee also elected to leave Gladstone from Morton to Hoagland one-way. Scott says that’s because the bridge may have to be replaced on that street at some point.

Scott says for the most part, speed limits will remain the same but there will be some changes to the locations of speed limit signs.

“We’ll probably make a speed limit of the downtown district and eliminate signs that way. When you enter the downtown it will say downtown district at 20 mph. This will eliminate some signs,” says Scott.

The committee did elect to make Country Club Road one uniform speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

Scott also says Old State Road from the WLDS-WEAI radio station going into Jacksonville will keep the same speed of 45 miles per hour. The speed limit drops to 30 miles per hour when drivers enter the Jacksonville city limits.

The committee is also hoping to improve the appearance of Jacksonville’s entryways.

It voted unanimously to allow seven service clubs to add their organization’s sign to the lower part of the “Welcome to Jacksonville” sign on both ends of town: Kiwanis, Rotary, AMBUCS, Marine Corps League, the Masons, Pilot Club, and Lions Club.

Scott explains that those signs are currently scattered throughout the city, but that Crimestoppers is the only organization attached to the welcome sign.

He says the only alderman on the four-person committee not in favor of the sign change, Mike Wankel, was not present yesterday. Motions to approve the changes passed in the committee and will be brought up at the next City Council meeting. Scott says City Attorney Dan Beard will first need to review them.