Jacksonville Main Street looking to the future

By Ryne Turke on March 20 at 1:47pm

On Tuesday, Jacksonville Main Street held its Interactive Visioning Workshop.

Main Street Executive Director Judy Tighe says the meeting highlighted what the committee has done and what they look to do in the future.

“We were able to sort of look back and reflect on the work that we have done over the last fifteen years and get some great ideas of where we wanna go for the next fifteen,” says Tighe.

The goal of Jacksonville Main Street is not only to improve the downtown, but all of Jacksonville. Tighe hopes that the work done by the committee will spark others to want to do the same.

“It sort of influences and gives somebody else the idea to do something,” Tighe says.

“We see that with downtown spreading out beyond the main street district where work, improvement and ideas have spread. Sometimes all you need is somebody to hold up the idea and somebody else will come along and tweak it to make it bigger and better.  That’s what we hope to do with the entire community working together just like we always have.”

Since 1999, Jacksonville Main Street has worked with hundreds of volunteers and community partners to help bring nearly $30 million in public/private reinvestment to downtown reduce vacancies from 27 percent to less than 6 percent and encourage dozens of building renovations and business expansions.

The Jacksonville Main Street is currently working on a survey to find out what Jacksonville residents want. Tighe hopes the community gets involved.

“Over the course of the next few weeks we are also crafting an online survey which should be on our website by early next week,” Tighe says.

“Basically it asks a lot of the same questions that were asked by members in attendance Tuesday night.  It’s sort of an assessment of what types of things do we need and how would you rank where we are.”

To get involved and participate in the survey, visit www.jacksonvillemainstreet.com.