Jacksonville man sentenced to jail for sex crime

By Jim McCabe on March 25 at 4:47pm

A sixty-one-year-old Jacksonville man has been sentenced for aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Gary Williams of the 700 block of Allen was sentenced to 180 days in the Morgan County Jail on that charge this afternoon. Police reports indicated Williams was arrested on November 16th of last year for sexually abusing a four-year-old girl that he knew.

Morgan County State’s Attorney Robert Bonjean says Williams avoided a possible three-to-seven-year Department of Corrections sentence that could have been the punishment for the Class 2 Felony.

“Charges of this nature typically requires the defendant to obtain a sex offender risk evaluation. He obtained that, and based on the information contained therein, and the nature of the offense itself, the facts that were specific to this case kind of led us to a plea agreement that was reached,” he says.

Bonjean says it was a one-time incident.

“The victim provided a Child Advocacy Center interview. It was a rather young victim, in this case, so that’s always something that we take into consideration. Mr. Williams and the victim’s family actually reside their backyards about each other, so that was also an issue that we took into consideration,” says Bonjean.

“It looks like at least for the foreseeable future- while Mr. Williams will reside in the Morgan County Jail for about the next month and a half- at some point, he’ll return to his home.”

Williams was also fined $2,175.