Jacksonville Salvation Army under new leadership

By Ryne Turke on July 2 at 1:02pm

Charles and Katie Pinkston were appointed the new captains this past week, replacing interim major Elmer Trapp.

As a new captain, Katie Pinkston says she hopes to bring a lot of enjoyment and hard work to the Jacksonville Salvation Army.

“We’re hoping to bring upon the Salvation Army a very wonderful name in this community,” says Pinkston.

“We are hoping to build the church aspect of the Salvation Army, to rebuild all the activities we have had in the previous years, but most importantly at this time is to build the new building.”

Pinkston notes that the work her and husband do with the Salvation Army has forced their family to move around the Midwest frequently.

“The Salvation Army has moved up pretty much approximately every four years since we first started becoming officers,” says Pinkston.

“We went back to my home territory in Michigan for the first decade of our officership and then we went to an area outside of Wichita, Kansas. That’s where we have been for the past four years.”

Both Charles and Katie have over 14 years of experience as officers or pastors with the Salvation Army. After one more year of service, the Pinkston’s rank will be upgraded from captain to major.